Eternity Unveiled

What Could Terrify A Stone-Cold Warrior?…One Word, Love!

As an elite soldier, assassin and espionage specialist, Gary Sanders faces danger every day and he’s afraid of nothing…except the words “I love you.” Just a hint of commitment expectation has him running for an escape route.

Similarly, Holly’s preferred method of dating is swiping right on Tinder. By her own admission, she sucks at long term relationships.

So, when they’re tasked to work undercover together to find a missing priceless artefact at an exclusive Couples Therapy Retreat, things don’t go quite to plan. Uncovering the hidden artefact isn’t their only problem. Posing as a “real” couple proves dangerous in ways they hadn’t bargained for. There’s no escape when fiery passion threatens to ignite something intimately more binding between them.

Attending mandatory counselling, yoga, group activities and sharing a communal bathroom is bad enough, but when someone makes an attempt on Holly’s life, and a Guild operative is also discovered at the retreat, Sanders must step up his game.

Finding the artefact is essential to the world’s future, but Sanders soon discovers that keeping Holly safe is essential to his own survival.