The Alpha Tiger’s Hunger

It was foolish for me to go to a warzone but maybe it’s even more foolish to find myself falling for my mysterious rescuer!


“I’m trying not to notice that this man has the kind of a body I’ve only seen before in paintings or sculptures. I’m trying not to notice that this man has a chest that seems like it’s carved from granite and arms that seem strong enough to snap a tree trunk in half. I’m trying not to notice that this man’s eyes are so damned expressive that they somehow pierce me while simultaneously revealing depths behind him that are almost unfathomable.”

How did all this come about?
Well, that’s easy. Instead of going somewhere safe for vacation…
I traveled to a war-torn jungle.
And Vincent rescued me from bandits.
And he’s everything I’ve ever wanted.
And he’s a tiger, a real-life shifter!
But he has a secret.
A very, very dark secret.
If I can’t discover the secret, it will cost me everything…

Catherine is on vacation. She never expects to have her life threatened and to fall in love at the same time. She never expects to end up in the palace of a tiger king. She most certainly never expects to be thrust right into the tragedy of an ancient curse that threatens everything she loves. Can Catherine find a way to thwart fate and keep all he holds dear safe? Find out in The Alpha Tiger’s Hunger, the new novel in the exciting and romantic Alpha Shifters Growling Desires series.