Sea of a Prophecy

Sea of a Prophecy

Daughter of Poseidon with a short fuse and water in her blood.

Maya’s lived off the grid letting her cousins and siblings own the spotlight. But she can no longer hide as her two cousins are cleared of one damning prophecy. Now all eyes are on her to see if she will bring the world to its knees. She has love in her heart but doesn’t know if fate will be a cruel b*tch or give her the right hand. Peace for the entire world is now at stake and a monster beneath the sea is starting to stir.

Son of Hestia with a determination to protect and fire fueling him.

Xander has been searching for his passion in life. He’s good with a blade and the arrows were an easy still to gain. On his walk through the pacific ocean, his gaze locks with a wet demigod, who claims his heart and soul instantly. He’ll do everything in his power to protect Maya from everyone. Soon he learns falling for the daughter with a prophecy tied around her neck won’t be easy.

Daughters of Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon are linked in more than one way… The swords are sharpened and fingers itch for a fight as one God threatens Maya’s life. Will monsters be unleashed or was the prophecy wrong all along?

**Fans of Carly Spade will love this Greek Mythos romance with heat, magic and gods.**