Bold Bear

Bold Bear

He’s old enough to be my father.
Hell, he’s friends with my father.
He’ll never see me for the woman that I am.
All he knows me as is a child, a girl who’ll never grow up.

But I’m sick and tired of being treated as though I’m a minor.
I’m not. I’ve grown up, and I want more.
I want more of his mature kisses, of his masterful touch.
I want more of his possessiveness, of the danger in his eyes…

Soon enough, he’ll go exploring the world again without me.
But what if I took a chance and told him how I feel?
What if I told him that I want him to hold me?
What if I let him know exactly what I want him to do?

What if I asked?

Werebear Creek is full of more than just water to satisfy your appetite. It’s chockful of bad, possessive Bear Shifters who would love to just sink their teeth into you and make you theirs, completely and fully. Because once their mate comes along, nothing will stop them from claiming what’s theirs.

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