Small heart attack

Small heart attack

I was sitting in the living room reading a book and I hear my youngest son yell. "I don't want to waste diamonds on a ho."

I stopped reading because I thought I had misunderstood. Then he yells. "I'm not buying a ho!"

I yell for him to come upstairs. When he does he is wearing his headset. When I ask him who he is yelling at. He replies his friend on Mindcraft.

Diamonds are money in the game and hoe's are well, hoe's. (The garden variety).

This has happened on few occasions. I even made a meme's about a few of them. I remind him that the neighbors do not know he is playing a video game and that I prefer that they not think my fourteen year old son is running around buying hoe's.

Does anyone else remember when video games were pong and Galaga?