With His life- Excerpt

With His life- Excerpt

With His Life (A Rise of the Pride Short Story)
By Theresa Hissong

“My mystical mojo is all out of whack,” he mumbled into her hair. Liberty had used the phrase when it came to his magic. When she’d first used it in reference to his powers, it pissed him off, but now he expected it from her, and actually thought it was cute. He couldn’t fault her for being weird about him in the beginning since she had been born human.

“Why?” she asked, her voice less husky and more concerned in an instant.

“I just need to hold you.” He evaded her question, rubbing his thumb over some exposed skin on her side. He paused for a moment, letting the warmth settle into his bones.

“You’re not answering me,” she scolded, twisting around so she was facing him. Her icy blue eyes bore into his. She’d always been able to read him much like he could read his pride. She had some of his alpha magic inside her, acquiring it from the blood share he’d done with her to save her life and change her into a panther shifter like himself. “Something’s wrong.”

Talon knew Liberty felt it…the worry over something that felt ominous. “It’s me?” she gasped. “Are you feeling something bad about me?”

“I think so, Liberty,” he sighed, tightening his hold on her waist. “I don’t get this feeling often, but when I do, it’s usually right.”

“Is someone coming for me?” she asked, tightening her hold on his bicep.

“I won’t let anything hurt you,” he promised, using his forefinger to stroke her forehead before placing his lips against it. He closed his eyes and willed the feeling away, but it wouldn’t subside. When he pulled away, her eyes had completely changed over to the amber hue of her panther. The beast that lived inside his mate was just below her skin, wanting out to protect itself.

“Your worry is affecting the pride,” she warned, using her free hand to rub the center of her chest. “I can feel them.”

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