A Goody Bad Witch with a high debt to pay.

Thirteen years ago, I was a teenager. Not a simple teen, but a witch. I was young and stupid. I made a deal with the devil, thinking I’d outsmart him. Turns out, he fooled me, and now I have until New Year’s to find my True Love or I’ll be toast. Literally. I’ll roast in hell.
I have no choice but to trust a demonic quartz stone to guide me into the arms of love. But when it leads me to the DeLux Café, a speed dating joint for the supernatural, I start questioning my belief in magic.

A Righteous Archangel who’s lost faith in humanity.

I am Michael, archangel warrior. I took a break from heaven and work in my hospital in LA, saving the souls who fit the bill, and sending to hell the ones who don’t. Simple, right?
Everything goes to hell the minute I lay eyes on her. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Effortlessly, she makes my mortal heart beat again.
The only problem is, she’s an evil witch, and she’s bound to a demon.