Whisper in the Dark

Whisper in the Dark

She’s a lethal Agent. He’s her loyal panther Shifter. Can she deny her forbidden desire?

My name is Whisper. I’m an Agent. I’m the first woman who’s ever made it through the Academy, and if you think that’s because they went easy on me, think again. I challenged their testosterone-fuelled system, and I sure as hell didn’t make any friends in the process.

Maybe one friend; my partner. My Shifter. With Damon by my side, nothing will stop me from earning the coveted rank of an Elite. But when everything I’ve worked for is within my reach, it all starts falling apart. Damon does the impossible. He takes human form to save my life.


I was created for one purpose; to serve my Agent. I’ve never questioned my life or my loyalty to Whisper. Condemning myself to insanity or execution in exchange for saving her life? It’s not even a choice.

If this human body is unnatural, why does it feel like I’m myself for the first time? And Whisper… she’s always been mine. But now I see her in a new light, and I want more. I need her to know this is who I am.

Can Whisper and Damon embrace their shifting reality, or will they be broken by forbidden temptations?

Whisper in the Dark is the captivating first book in the Shifters of Morwood paranormal romantic suspense series. If you like friends-to-lovers, a touch of sci-fi, and a kickass heroine who’s willing to fight for what she wants, then you’ll adore Charlene Perry’s seductive fantasy.

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