Choosing Chaos

Choosing Chaos

Lia Davies – Darkness is stalking my every step, drawing me closer to a decision that could end us all.

My new life as a Chosen has been bumpy to say the least, but I may be facing my biggest challenge yet when I’m taken to the city of Nemeseia in Russia to serve out the first part of my sentence for crimes against the Paldimori. There Kyrion Nyx's seven brothers oversee the training of my newly awakened lightning powers. The very first night they drop me from the tower and take bets on which part of me will land first.

As if my bullies weren’t enough to handle, the Omàda have some new tricks up their sleeve and deliver a message that I can’t ignore. Suddenly, the prophecy takes on a whole new meaning that could be the answer to my new blood-thirsty impulses. Will my choices help me save the Paldimori or bring us closer to destruction?

3.99 or KU