House of Chaos

House of Chaos

When scouts and messengers from the Night House disappear, Thea makes it her mission to find out why. As the granddaughter of one of the founding couples of New Earthen Society, she's determined to prove herself worthy of their legacy. Her investigation leads to the House of Chaos and the man who once swept her off her feet before inexplicably walking away.

Aries, known as a recluse who ruthlessly protects his territory, inherited his anger and life mission from his grandfather. He plans to reopen the portal to Arkavia and reclaim his birthright, but he can’t do it alone. The one person who can help him is the very woman he swore to avoid.

Thea needs to learn the fate and location of her people, and Aries needs the power flowing in her veins. After forming an uneasy alliance, they soon realize there are forces more deadly and conniving working against them. With their past, trust doesn’t come easy, but if they can work together they might just survive.