We Caught James Bond...

We Caught James Bond...

Story time...

My kids are doing their best to find new ways to amuse themselves. They asked me if they could get another pet. I answered no as we have a hamster, two mice and an overbearing cat. I asked what they wanted and they said an Iguana.

I'm like no. If you want a lizard go and catch one outside. Their are tons of those suckers around here.

Guess what... we have a lizard, but he is released at the end of the day. I asked what they named him and Kira said... James Bond.

Of course I asked why and she proceeded to tell me he is fast, he can jump from wall to wall and he is hard to catch.

Makes sense so I ask if he is the Daniel Craig or the Sean Connery? My daughter turns to me and says... Who is Sean Connery?

I guess I am old. But I included a pic of Daniel... I mean James Bond.