Axel: Summer

Axel: Summer

Axel’s not proud of his past. But he’s willing to sacrifice everything for a future with his mate.

Jenessa needs to find her brother, Tyler, before two rival motorcycle gangs get to him first. As her mate, Axel promises to do everything he can to make that happen, even if it means going back to the life he fought so hard to escape.

Now a reformed man, he knows how to navigate the complex world of these gangs. But when Jenessa insists on accompanying him, the stakes are high. He must not fail.

Jenessa and her brother were raised in the shadow of motorcycle gangs. Her shifter stepfather left that scene when their mom got sick. She knows how dangerous the gangs can be, and so does her brother. So why did he steal from the Hell Fire MC, one of the most notorious gangs?

As they delve deeper into danger, it soon becomes clear the theft might not be all it seems. Can Axel and Jenessa work together to bring Tyler home safe? Or will their future be wrecked forever?

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