Rough Warrior

Rough Warrior

He carried her off. Now he will make her his.

When Ailith's village is raided by Vikings, it is the huge, fearsome warrior Ulrick who takes her as his prize. Though she does her best to fight him off and escape, Ailith soon finds herself over Ulrick's firm thighs with her bottom bare for a painful, embarrassing spanking.

A humiliating public display of her forced submission leaves her blushing crimson, but it is only when her new master claims and ravages her for the first time that Ailith begins to truly understand what it means to belong to a rugged brute like Ulrick. She is his property, his to use as roughly and shamefully as he pleases, and he has no intention of being gentle with her.

In spite of everything, Ailith cannot deny her body's response to Ulrick's stern dominance, and her need for him grows stronger each day. But when she is offered her freedom, will she take it?

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