The Vampire and the Shifter

The Vampire and the Shifter

A vampire and a wolf shifter fall in love... and they will fight tooth and claw to be together.

"My name is Alanna.

I'm a vampire.

I've lived on my own in a cabin in the woods for 150 years. I'd prefer if it stayed that way.

One day a critically injured wolf shifter, an alpha called Valko, lands on my doorstep. I have to nurse him back to health, but I didn't have to fall in love with him. We have such passion, such a connection. Now all of a sudden I don't want to be alone. I want to be with him.

But there are forces out there working against us, and secrets that could tear our world apart…

I will fight for my shifter.

He will fight for me.

We will be together, no matter what."

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