Not as planned...

Not as planned...

My daughter has taken up a new hobby. Baking. My husband thinks this is great. So do my boys. My waistline however is saying...Nooooo. Note. Will power and sweets are my Nemesis.

The stress on my Yoga pants is not the point of this story however. My daughter is trying new recipes, which is good. She made incredible chocolate chip cookies the other night. Melt in your mouth, warm, gooey goodness.

Today she made another batch of cookies. I asked her to make a healthier version with stevia and almond flour... yeah it didn't go as planned.

My oldest son saw them and said. "What the hell are those?"

My middle son looked at them and said "They must be Sponge Bob cookies."

I'm looking at them and I ask. "Why Sponge Bob?"

Trevor says "He can contort his body into any shape and those cookies are damn ugly."

Kira shrugs and says "It's Mom's fault, she made me use the icky flour."

And so we have- Damn Ugly Sponge Bob cookies.

PS- Mom takes no responsibility for this disaster.