Hidden Cure

Hidden Cure


I was finally done with high school, ready to escape being the weird girl with white hair and just feel normal.

All I wanted on my eighteenth birthday was a cup of coffee with my best friend, but what I got was an admittedly hot stalker guy following me home through the woods.

To my surprise, he was actually there to save me from the thing that wanted my blood... But did he have to be such a jerk about it?

And in only a manner of hours, I found out more about myself and those around me than I ever thought possible.

Yeah, so much for normal...


I was only a toddler when the lupercus killed my mother and countless others of the Shaw wolf shifter pack, but it left me in the position to accept my role as the alpha heir.

I know I can live up to the title, but how will I do that when I’m left babysitting a human-shifter hybrid with an attitude?

I can’t deny her beauty, and the feeling of needing to be near her, but I also know that she isn’t my destiny. So, why do I want to sweep her off her feet and claim her as mine?

Maybe she was right. I’m definitely a psycho.

99c or KU