Rescued by the Fae Prince

Rescued by the Fae Prince

He came into my life and turned it upside down, pulling me out of prison and into an engagement I don’t want.

Locked away in the darkness for almost as long as I can remember for powers I didn’t know I possessed, I have long given up on using my magic.

Then Saile comes into my life in a blaze of light, magic and mesmerizing blue eyes, whisking me out of prison and back into the world above.

A world that is confusing and not how I remembered it.

I don’t even know that my desire for the gorgeous fae who rescued me is forbidden and my people are now hunted down by his.

And I have no idea how to control the magic that had been taken from me while I was locked away.

But he says rescued me to help his cause, and I fear that’s more important to him than I am.

After all, he didn’t even tell me he was a prince or that his mom, the Queen, would kill me if she finds out who I am.

And now I need to survive meeting his parents as his fake fiancée.

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