Are you ready to ride?

Ruger has his club, his brothers and his mission, that's all he needs. Until she walks into his bar and something about her calls to him.

In an instant, Krissi's sassy mouth and killer curves make him want her. He knows the dangers of letting her into his life, yet he can't let her walk away. Not when everything in him aches to have her near.

Krissi is far too intimate with the dangers of a biker's life. Thanks to her father, she's seen the brutality of that world up close. Still, something primal lures her to the tattooed man behind the bar. Until he becomes an addiction she can't quit.

Then the Demented Souls business threatens Krissi and the dark truth about her family is revealed. After all their deceptions are uncovered, can Ruger and Krissi find a way to trust again? Or will the restrictive bonds of family rip them apart?