Rising Chaos

Rising Chaos

Lia Davies – The past is becoming clearer with every new discovery, but sometimes the truth is worse than the lie.

After the fallout with my best friend, my bond-mate whisks me away to Prometheus—the House of Chaos’ home base—for what I think is some R&R. Instead, I’m thrust into training to become Bennett’s co-ruler and planning for our Bonding Ceremony.

No one in this isolated city in the mountains of Montana thinks I deserve the throne, least of all my trainer—Bennett’s childhood friend. At every turn, I’m fumbling my Kyrion-in-Training duties while still trying to solve the prophecy of the Chosen. When truths about my past and my future collide with deadly consequences, I’m forced to make a decision that could destroy the bond I share with Bennett forever.

If you love reading about enemies-to-lovers, snarky heroines, and Greek mythology with a new twist, then one-click the buy button now! New adult, fantasy/paranormal romance, with loads of action and adventures in magical lands.

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