Sworn to Shadows

Sworn to Shadows

Gargoyles and gods clash against evil. Can one weary soldier wield a celestial force to save the world?

Earth, modern day. Corporal Anna Mackenzie has had it up to here with fate. Irritated to be woken early from a two-year healing nap after inheriting a demigod's immense power, she's already battling the fractious magic that can't wait to draw blood. But she's seriously pissed to discover the military outpost she was sent to protect has been totally annihilated without any signs of survivors...

Being temporarily outclassed is one thing, but now her reckless action has awakened her dangerous gargoyle protector and he's bigger and scarier than ever. Except he's lost his memory, and Anna's got to do some major hand-holding if they're to hunt down a powerful creature unseen since ancient times. Oh yeah, and save the planet from doom... again.

Can the damaged pair unleash their formidable skills in time to stop Armageddon?