Of Blood and Magic

Of Blood and Magic

Dangerous creatures roam the night, looking for easy prey. Violet has to hunt them down.

Violet is a sorcerer, a huntress, and a vampire who works for a secret organization ruled by the Eylones—powerful immortal sorcerers—that defend humans from the monsters that lurk in the shadows.
When new dangerous creatures stalk and kill innocent young women, Violet needs to go undercover and face the one who stole her from her parents and turned her into a vampire.
Seducing and destroying Ewan has been what kept Violet alive for so long. However, confronting old feelings might not be as easy as she imagines. Especially when her drop-dead gorgeous commander reveals his true feelings for her.
Violet will need to decide if she wants to go back to her old ways or find her rightful place among the Eylones she descended from while doing all she can to find the Vampire King that wants to enslave the world.

Do you dare to join the hunt?