Wild Seduction Excerpt

Wild Seduction Excerpt

“I’m Luca. This is my brother Liam.”

She nodded, not offering her hand. “I know who you are. Jane said you would give me the sample and go.”

Luca glanced at his brother. “We will go with you and you can extract what you need at your lab.”

Lana glanced at the girls in the corner, whispering and glancing at the Cascade brothers. She felt a tingle race along her arm. It wasn’t the pain she was used to. The threat of breaking bones. It was warm. Inviting. She hissed as the realization hit her. “I need to leave.”

Luca’s hand shot out to grab her arm before she could rise from her seat. “We came here to help you Lana, and we plan to do as you asked. What have we done to scare you?”

Lana looked at the girls. They were maybe nineteen. They were laughing and giggling with their friends. There was no reason for her to feel threatened by them, yet she had the urge to scratch them. Warn them away. From what, she wasn’t certain. Her body felt feverish. Tingly.

Luca followed her gaze before nodding to his brother. Liam got up and approached the young ladies. He introduced himself and sat down with an easy smile.

As the girls focused on their new friend, her anger dissipated, leaving her hot and confused. “I’m sorry. I’m not myself these days.”

Luca released her arm. “We thought... Racheal can’t figure out how you survived. Did Jordan lie to her?”

Lana didn’t want to feel comfortable in Luca’s presence. His soft brown eyes glowed against his tanned skin, his look intent. Tender. At odds with his predatory nature. She tried to shake the attraction. The feelings she hadn’t had for her husband. “I need to leave.”