Platinum Nights

Platinum Nights

Two souls worlds apart, crushed by life, brought together against all odds... and themselves.

Isa Duarte is a fighter, a strong woman who has been an escort for over ten years now. It's a nerve-wracking job that is devouring her from the inside out, but she needs the money to take care of her daughter. At thirty-six, her days in this trade are numbered, and she can't bear thinking what will happen next.

When she's called in for an urgent job with a Platinum customer, she doesn't blink, yet braces herself. Those who can pay this kind of money can ask nearly anything of her, except for a few ground rules that she makes sure to enforce.

But all the thick skin and policies in the world couldn't prepare her for steel-magnate Nogata Kazuhiro and the tempest he is about to bring into her life...

2.99 or KU