Aquatic Alliance

Aquatic Alliance

When it came time to arrange a marriage, Egeus found a natural choice in Herma of the Shimmertail clan. Now, in Herma he's found a sensually responsive mate, and he's determined to show her all the wonders of his undersea world...starting with making love.

Herma has other ideas. She married Egeus to find out more about her aunt's disappearance years before. She'll endure marriage to Egeus. He's handsome and nice. And she knows his family is hiding secrets. But she's got secrets too, because she is fascinated by the land dwellers like her aunt had been, and if her taboo interest takes her away from her mate, she'll accept her fate.

When she discovers the truth about her aunt it opens up choices that she never knew she had, and she'll be forced to decide. Stay with the mate she's growing to love or perhaps find her aunt and discover a whole new world.

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