Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other

A Shifter Kingdom under attack. Can the Dragon Shifter royal family maintain control of the shifter universe?

On the world of Knorpp, the royal family of dragon shifters fights to maintain control of their shifter world. An uneasy peace has been maintained with the wolf shifters.

But when the King dies, it’s up to his sons, John, Nathan, and Joshua to take control of the kingdom, face the challenges of reigning, and meet their fated mates.

The Dragon and the Singer - Maintaining peace between werewolves and dragons should be simple… but a dragon has gone rogue. When he targets the woman the Dragon King believes to be his fated mate, the stakes raise to levels no one could’ve ever expected.

The Scholar Queen - Sarah wants change. John wants tradition. When threatened, they must make compromises to save the kingdom.

The Warrior Princess - To keep their throne and save their brother, the Royal Dragons must stop rogue wolf shifters in their tracks.

A sexy fated mates shifter series, set in another world, along with a mystery!

3.99 or KU