His Destined Mate

His Destined Mate

Romance with Some Fur Sprouting and Mayhem on the Side

Rachel Todd, a widowed, 42-year-old writer of paranormal romance, dreams of a wolf shifter each night—one who brings her body to life—only to leave her wanting more and unable to capture the image of her dream lover's face. But with her dreams come inspiration, filling her imagination with scenes and stories she uses to create a world she and her readers love—one she wishes deep down was her own. But then, "Once upon a time, the Big Bad Wolf came to her door..."

Law Michaelson, wolf shifter, CEO, and newly-appointed Alpha Prime of the Southeastern Alliance of Shifters has his hands full with conniving Elders, alpha challenges, and the search for the embezzling former Alpha Prime. What Law isn't looking for his Destined Mate. But he finds her anyhow in Rachel. Now he just has to get her to believe that he is—as cheesy as it sounds—the shifter of her dreams. Easy, right?

But Law isn't the only one who wants Rachel for his own. A man who has already claimed and taken the lives of other Destined Mates has Rachel in his sights—and he's ready to close in.

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