Vyken Dark

Vyken Dark

Cyborg Vyken Dark is back on Earth after fighting a long interstellar war against an alien race, the Mesaarkans. The last place he wanted to go was Earth, laid waste by Mesaarkan bombs. Every major city on Earth is in ruins.

Why go back when the mates they were promised after decades of fighting wouldn’t be waiting for them?

But Vyken couldn’t refuse his dying mentor’s last wish. He convinced his four brothers to go with him, in case Admiral Gregor was right, that going to Earth would help him find his humanity.

Vyken chose the name Dark because the darkness in his soul drove him to kill the enemies of the Federation with a ruthlessness that few natural humans possessed. Sometimes that darkness overwhelmed his humanity and made him weary of his life... Until he came back to Earth and found her. Re-edited for series context.

99c or KU