Rebel Magic

Rebel Magic

I hunt bad guys.
I don't work for them.

My talent for tracking has made me a damn good bounty hunter for the past decade, but it's also gotten me solidly under the thumb of Texas's most powerful casino boss, Kai Warcloud.

I need to break free before I kill him or he kills me. The solution? I have to help Kai track down the notorious con artist Laurent Moreau to New Orleans and drag him back to pay his debts. Just one last job... and I'm finally free.

The catch? Moreau looks like an angel but has the soul and fangs of a vampire with an entourage of bloodthirsty friends to match. Until I catch him, Kai is happy to use my brother as leverage.

But I have an edge: I'm a Cherokee Spirit Walker, able to commune with the dead. Since vamps are already halfway there, this should be a piece of cake, right?


It's one hell of a leap to go from bail bonds and bounties to dragging supernaturals back to Texas on the back of a chain, but I'm up for it. My back may be against the wall, but I'm the kind of girl who comes out swinging.

My name is Rebel Weston, and I'm going to hunt you down.

99c or KU