Blood of the Raej

Blood of the Raej

"…never trust a Pebble Pincher."

The Slates sailed across the ocean to challenge the oppressive rule of the Ràej and eradicate the potent magic they wielded to dominate Omneth. Along with their liberation, the people were granted magic-filled Pebbles to foster equality. New structures arose to accommodate the Officials, who would guide and safeguard Omneth's inhabitants, and academies that would train aspiring Officials to master the art of Pebble Pinching.

Terhese stands on the cusp of achieving her dream of becoming an Official. Mere weeks before she departs for the prestigious Sandstone Academy, her powers reveal their true essence - descending from the long-gone, tyrannical Ràej. Accepting her newfound identity would mean certain death, so she has no choice but to continue on her path and begin her studies at the academy. Urged to keep her magic concealed, Terhese is drawn towards temptation as she spends time with newfound friends on sunlit beaches and around nighttime bonfires, sharing bottles of green and amber spirits. Enigmatic shadows of long-extinct creatures and unraveling deceptions encircle her.

How long will Terhese be able to maintain the secrecy of her forbidden Ràej powers from everyone in her life, including the man who appears to be unbelievably perfect?

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