Howl Of The Rejected

Howl Of The Rejected

All my life, I’ve trained to kill shifters, and now I’m one of them.

My parents were murdered by wild packs, but the Lux Academy saved me and raised me among other orphans like me. They taught me about the shifters’ cruelty and how to destroy them.

But everything changes when the Academy turns on me, and I escape only to get captured by the packs.

They think I’m a shifter and an alpha, no less. They want me to lead a powerful group of sexy werewolves, one of which thinks I’m his fated mate. But I want nothing to do with them, especially the one that keeps insisting he'll make me his.

A dark truth will come to life. My dreams will be destroyed. And one thing is for sure, my life will never be the same.

If you enjoy Leia Stone, Jaymin Eve, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Kelly St. Claire, Shannon Mayer, Linsey Hall or anything paranormal romance, you will love this series.

3.99 or KU