Another Girl Meets Wolf Story

Another Girl Meets Wolf Story

Okay, so I’m on my way to grandma’s house. When I meet a freaking werewolf shifter!

Did I mention I was lost in the woods? And yes, I was taking her cookies. That I, unfortunately, ate, because hey, I love you grandma, but a girls gotta eat.

Look, Wolfie, all I need from you are directions. Until he shifts back into his skin, and suddenly I need so much more.

Girl Meets Wolf is another one of those stories. A curvy girl, a smoking hot wolf, steamy good times, and a giggle or two. It is a safe romance with absolutely no cheating or triggers and a guaranteed HEA. If you like your paranormal romance with a little snark, a lot of humor, and strong heroines who don’t tremble and fall down at the sight of their alpha wolf mate, then this book is for you.