Elemental Dragons Complete Series

Elemental Dragons Complete Series

Five dragon brothers in one secluded house. Does it get any more delicious?

Once upon a time there were five brothers who lived on a planet far, far away… Until they crashed onto the strange, strange planet Earth and had to start over. And what is the best way to start over? Exactly. Find that mate you’re destined for and seduce her until she doesn’t remember her own name. Go for it, dragons.

The Dragon’s Nanny
I’m used to taking charge and being strong. But my strength is about to be tested by my little girl’s nanny. My dragon wants to claim her. And I might just let it…

The Dragon’s Baby
I hate him. He got the job that I wanted, and he’s now my boss. I’m determined to keep things professional, no matter how delicious he is. The problem is that I’m carrying his baby…

The Dragon’s Surrogate
I want a baby, not a mate. My heart shattered a long time ago, and I’ve sworn I’ll never love again. But the surrogate carrying my baby makes my dragon purr like a kitten. And I want more…

The Dragon’s Pretend Girlfriend
I agreed to be his pretend girlfriend, but I’m enjoying it way too much. I forget that he doesn’t see me for the woman that I am. He’s just my brother’s best friend and not interested in me. Right?

The Dragon’s Three Mates
I’m the new dragon queen, and I have to take three mates. But there’s one thing that I don’t quite understand. I’m supposed to deliver a baby. Three mates, and one baby. How does that even work?

This paranormal romance box set is intended for 18+ readers.

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