Mated to the Alpha Wolf

Mated to the Alpha Wolf

Justin has it all. He's a gorgeous wolf who is about to become the alpha of his pack.
Nothing can stop him, until one night when he saves a beautiful young woman from an attack. The second their eyes meet he knows that she’s his mate. But one of the strictest wolf laws is that no wolf can ever mate with a human - the penalty is death…

Carly is a young woman dedicated to the life-path she's made for herself; going to college on a hard-won scholarship, determined to get a degree and begin a career. But she never factored in the chaos of falling in love with a werewolf, or desiring any man the way she needs every part of him with everything in her.

Their growing love is matched only by the fiery passion that consumes them with an insatiable hunger for each other, burning down everything they've ever known, and lighting a tempestuous future they cannot imagine.

If they stay together it will cost them more than their lives, but nothing can keep them apart, except the whole werewolf world. Secrets and skin are continuously uncovered as the stakes grow ever more dangerous, and the ecstasy endlessly hotter!

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