Boston Billionaire

Boston Billionaire


When I meet London Shaw, he hits on me. Crudely and without apology. But I say no to every guy, and London is no exception.

Then I find out who he is. Just because he’s a gorgeous, powerful billionaire doesn’t mean I have to like him.

And I don’t. We argue, we fight, and we have absolutely nothing in common.

So why is my body constantly on fire whenever he’s around?

It just proves that London Shaw is dangerous, and I need to stay far away from him.

Except he’s my next-door neighbor.


From the moment I see her, I want her in my bed. I crave her. From her smart mouth to her sexy pout and sinful curves, California Blue drives me wild.

But California is not a one-night stand kind of woman. And I don’t do relationships.

Not anymore.

So I can’t give in to my need for her.
Unless she’s willing to play by my rules…

This is the first book of our story.
Our flawed yet perfect rendezvous.
Our nuclear attraction.
Our one-in-a-billion connection.

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