Is that smoke?

Is that smoke?

I was busy writing Saturday night when I hear my oldest son say. "You are goIng to set the house on fire.".

I heard laughing after that so I didn't think anything of it. (with 3 children, it takes something close to a nuclear disaster to freak me out now.) A few minutes later I smelled what I thought was burnt toast.

I go into the kitchen and find my middle child cleaning the microwave so I asked what happened.

Trevor says, "Did you know that if you leave bread on a piece of paper towel in the microwave too long, it will catch on fire?"

I notice the steaming black puck on the counter that I assume was his Keiser bun. "Yes, I did."

He looks back at the smoke damaged microwave and says. "How about a new microwave for Mothers day?"

I got the new microwave and still got chocolates for Mother's day.