Red Arrows

Red Arrows

The girl is all grown up and a wolf-shifter craves her heart.

Avenging her grandmother's death has been Red Ryding Hood's sole purpose in life.

So, when her cousin, Robin Hood, goes on a quest to rescue Marian from The Wolf, Red doesn't hesitate to tag along.

But it's hard to focus with Will Scarlet around. Every time he comes near, her heart skips a beat and her world tips on its axis.

Will Scarlet has vowed to protect Red at all costs and longs to be with her. That is why she can never know the truth.

Will has a secret...

One that if ever discovered... will cost him his life.

Red Arrows is the thrilling second installment of the Fairytales Reimagined series. This heart-pounding wolf shifter romance is full of adventure, sizzling kisses and suspense.

3.99 or KU