Second Breath Academy

Second Breath Academy

Three tempting supernaturals. One necromancer out of her depth. Welcome to the dark magic academy.

The academy was supposed to be a fresh start, a way to escape the shadow of my brother's murderous actions. But everyone thinks I'm evil too, and when someone kills the groundskeeper, I'm the natural suspect. What's worse, one death is only the beginning - the murder is part of a bigger, darker plot.

Someone is resurrecting the dark lady who nearly destroyed humanity, and somehow I'm at the heart of it. And I'm not alone.

Iain—my forbidden but oh-so-tempting magic theory professor.
Salazar—the surly necromancer bad boy.
Alexandra—the reaper bully haunted by grief.

With their help, I might just survive. Or damn all four of us to a painful, twisted death.

Sizzling romance, deadly magic, snark, and magical hijinks collide in this COMPLETE paranormal academy for necromancers and reapers that's perfect for Vampire Academy readers.

3.99 or KU