My Books

Dragon Rules Series

It will take a monster to save her from one.

Love hath no fury like a dragon scorned.

Dragon Rules Book 2

New Immortals Series

"The mating game... kill or cure?"

New Immortals Box Set (Books 1-5)

Can the magic of Christmas heal centuries of betrayal?

Can one woman save an immortal race on the brink of extinction?

Her love will awaken a demon. Will her betrayal unleash a monster?

Fight or die. Can love make you choose both?

Cascade Cougar Series

Cat shifter meet cat burglar… One stolen moment can be the difference between victory and death.

Cascade Cougars Book 8

What is the price for love?

Santa Claus and Shifters. This Christmas she will believe in both.

Prey or Mate? Destiny is ticking...

He will fight for what's his...

When the huntress becomes the prey…

Her experiments ravaged his species. He wants to ravish her.

Amara A Minx Books

Wolves Mating Series

A woman meets two men in wolves clothing...

Will she make the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones she loves?