Beta’s Secret Child

Fate gives us a second chance but will an unknown enemy claim it?

In high school, I didn’t recognize the mate bond. And after graduation, it was too late because I joined the military and she left town.

Now I’m back, and as Beta for the Pack, I’m investigating wolf disappearances. Then I see her on the sidewalk – and she has a surprise.

A daughter who I know in my heart is mine. It’s the family I’ve always wanted, but I’m not in it.

We agree to one date, for old-time’s sake. Ten years of hindsight has taught me one truth – If I got her back to our hidden spot, I wouldn’t let her leave unclaimed again.

When she walks into the restaurant wearing a dress that hugs all her curves. And I know this is my chance.

We quickly move from dinner to sneaking steamy kisses in the car. But my enemy catches our embrace – and targets my family next.

Now I’m on the hunt to find them. Hoping I don’t miss my second chance to claim my fated mate – and my family.