Unleashed by Magic

Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Midlife Demons and Demigods Book 6)

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A warlock death. A demon hybrid. A mystery revealed.

As our investigation progresses, a well-respected council member is killed and the person who betrayed them is revealed. But things aren’t as they seem and there are many layers to this magical deception.

Investigating my past brings me back to the lake, which claimed the life of my dearest friend, and I am faced with his killer and the truth surrounding his death. Yet the consequences of my actions afterward, weakened the powerful security system safeguarding our small town.

When the king weakens the gate enough to open it, will I choose revenge on the destroyer of my childhood or risk unleashing the apocalypse?

Find out what is brewing in the bowels of the underworld by reading Unleashed by Magic, the Paranormal Women’s Fiction readers are comparing to Shannon Mayer, K.F. Breene, and Victoria Dannan.

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