Forever Forty

Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Rise of the Blood Witch) (Magical Midlife Death Book 1)

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A witch. A vampire. An immortal mistake.

As a witch, I have a healthy dislike for the undead. While they can turn a human, their venom kills those of us with power. At least that was true until I was attacked by a rogue and transitioned into a vampire.

Now the entire supernatural community wants answers, including the vampire overseer who had a surprising reaction to my unnatural rebirth. In addition to my sexy undead leader, I am assigned a death dealer mentor to investigate the reason I was targeted and protect my family.

When we discover there is a conspiracy at play, will I accept my new life or unleash an unholy monster that could destroy humanity?

Find out what prowls the shadows of Black Blossom County by reading Forever Forty, the new Paranormal Women’s Fiction series readers are comparing to Shannon Mayer, K.F. Breene, and Victoria Dannan.

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