Huntress Reborn

Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Shrouded Nation Prequel)

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A Hunter. An Infected Vampire. A Rejected God.

Since my divorce and moving to the States, I only practice martial arts to blow off steam, but when my mentor is murdered by a shape-shifting vampire, I’m on the hunt for the monster that killed him.

My pursuit leads me to the Shadow Council. The ruling body of the supernatural world. As if that isn’t strange enough, a forgotten God wants me to train a new breed of hunters, to prepare for the impending war.

Armed with an immortal weapon and a sexy sidekick, will I be able to slay my demons, or am I one bite away from an apocalypse?

Find out what lurks in the shadows of Ravenholde by reading Huntress Reborn, the new Paranormal Women’s Fiction series prequel readers are comparing to Shannon Mayer, K.F. Breene, and Victoria Dannan.

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