Dragon Shifter Romance (Dragon Rules Series Book 5)

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Jemma is the poster child for bad luck. Nothing surprises her, not even discovering she’s a cursed druid.

As her dark fate unfolds, and the people she trusted to protect her turn out to be the enemy, she relies on the dragon who claims to be her mate. They set out to find an ancient artifact that can break her curse and bind the powers of the mage set on their destruction.

The path to Jemma’s salvation is wrought with peril, and she must surrender her power to ensure Draco’s survival. When the mage attains a power, he has long searched for, she is left with an unalterable choice that will determine her future.

Will her sacrifice bring redemption for the misdeeds of the past, or will she ensure the annihilation of dragon and druid alike?

If you like the bite of the Reclaimed Dragons, Dragon Kings, and the Dragons of Mount Aterna series, then you’ll devour Tia Didmon’s sexy, imaginative series.

One click Draco and sink your teeth into this wild paranormal romance today!

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