Burning For The Billionaire

Being Saved By A Billionaire Firefighter Is Not What It Sounds Like…

It’s so much better.

Grace: Lately, I’ve felt as if I’ve hit rock bottom. I think about the last two months. I lost my job and have been one step away from eviction.

I’ve also come very close to having to drop out of school. Then, my **** of a boyfriend dumped me for the hippie lady that runs his favorite cannabis shop.

Now, I’m trapped in my burning apartment, about to lose my life.

Rowan: When I rescue Grace from that fire, it isn’t just the adrenaline that’s making my heart go wild.

Grace can laugh in the face of death, and she makes me smile like nobody else can. I’m used to dancing with danger, but this is getting all too real…

She’s a young student who just lost everything. He’s a mysterious firefighter hiding a big secret. 

Having earned a reputation as closed-off and controlling, Rowan is happy to stick to himself and keep his heart firmly locked up.

But when he saves a charming and witty young woman, it ignites his heart in ways he never imagined.

Grace is too innocent for his hardened, domineering personality – and she’s over a decade younger. Rowan knows that any relationship is bound to end in heartbreak anyways.

But the longer he spends time with her, the more he finds that keeping his hands to himself is impossible…

Will the spark between them grow into a passionate and fiery love affair? Or is their unlikely love doomed to burn out?

Dive into an inferno of heart-pounding action and sizzling hot romance. This box set will surely set your heart on fire.

With a domineering alpha, an alluring storyline, and a billionaire firefighter you’re bound to fall for, you won’t want to miss this steamy saga.

Grab your copy now for one hell of a ride …