Shadowblade Academy

Enjoy the best-selling Shadowblade Academy series, now in a single box set!

I’m lost in a world of shadows and seduction…

Being the ordinary sister of a supernatural powerhouse isn’t fun. I live in the Crust, an outsider town for normies, while she gallivants around her top-secret academy for Abnorms.

But everything goes sideways on my twenty-first birthday. Fortune-tellers scream at me like possessed nuns. Dudes pop out of shadows trying to kidnap me. My dreams become very strange.

Most importantly, my sister goes missing.

I have to go looking for her, which means finding her school. Problem is, I learn the academy trains magical assassins who manipulate shadows. Badass but terrifying.

Bullies at the academy don’t think I belong. Smoldering fae, vampire, and shifter men are obsessed with me for different reasons: attraction, hate, suspicion. And who the hell is the sexy ghost-man haunting my dreams? At least my ancient cat has my back. (Don’t tell him I called him ancient.)

Here, I’m trapped in a place where I’m always looking over my shoulder, and I can’t even trust my own shadow…

Contains all five books in this “why choose” paranormal romance academy series: 

  • Darkness Calls
  • Darkness Rising
  • Darkness Falls
  • Shadows in the Dark
  • Blood of Darkness