Immortal Inheritance

Constantine Darke was the altar I wanted to sin on—my darkest desires made flesh—a beautiful predator I’d make mine, no matter how many scars I had to endure.

I’ve always been a survivor—death, violence, cruelty—I’ve seen it all, and I’m still here.

But nothing prepared me for Con, King of the Blackstone Vampire Clan. Nor for Robert Lockhart, who might be able to draw me out of the shadows, after nine long years in hell. Our history goes back a long time, five hundred years to be exact. Generations for me, a single lifetime for them.

As I’m drawn deeper into their savage world of blood feuds and death curses, I feel more alive than ever, despite the dangers. My enemies are no longer human. They’re faster than me, they’re stronger than me, and they have fangs.

But I have magic.

And that will be their downfall.