Murder for a Song

Bewitching songs and small town secrets.

In the quaint town of Ledstow, Esther lives a good distance from her nosy parents, talks to anyone who will listen about musicals, and jams on her ukulele. But when murder comes to her workplace, everyone is a suspect.

When her best friend is taken in for questioning, it’s up to Esther to prove his innocence. With her ukulele that has a will of its own and an uncanny gift to get people talking, she takes over where the police have failed.

But the mystery becomes extra knotty, when she discovers something more magical than just caffeine flows in her veins. Can Esther clear her friend’s name, uncover the witchy family secrets and figure out why the police detective seems to be following her by Christmas?

Murder for a Song is the first book in the delightful Musical Mayhem series. If you like witty female sleuths, ghost-hunting, freaky familiars and sweet slow-burn romance, you will love these magical cozy mysteries.