Crushing On Bestie’s Billionaire Brother

My billionaire boss claimed more than just my V-Card.

I never imagined my ambition as a journalist would lead me into the arms of my best friend’s older brother.

Stephen Jameson with his ink-covered body and piercing blue eyes that seem to see right through me.

He may be twice my age but the man carries an air of mystery and power that captivates me.

Despite our opposing views on journalism,

Each interaction fuels a fire between us.

When our investigation leads us to an island with only one bed to share,

Unspoken tensions and desires ignite.

But as the walls around our hearts crumble.

Secrets from our past come back to haunt us.

And revenge threatens to tear us apart.

Our forbidden romance could cost me my career and the friendship of a lifetime.

But sometimes following your heart means breaking all the rules.