Following Love’s Hunger

Hidden in the Seattle underground, a clan of Vampires sells sex, power and information, controlling politics and influencing an illicit world of human-looking creatures with incredible powers and intense hungers…

Shielded by her father, Kat had built a life outside of the Clan, and had a promising career in sales. She was winning awards at Thorne Technologies. With a touch of her hand and a small sip of their energy, humans were putty in her hands. Feeding her hunger was controllable. She just wanted to be free to live her own life and find love. But the Vampire Clan had other plans for her. The Clan expected her to work in their brothel and spy network, where love is forbidden. She would never be free of the Clan. Or the Clan’s laws.

Henry was just doing another job for another well-to-do client. Being a spy came easily to someone with his special abilities. Planting bugs, gathering intel, watching and waiting in the shadows had made him a very rich man. Spying at Thorne Technologies was cake. Until he met Kat. Suddenly, all his special skills were his enemy. Guilt and worry consumed him. He couldn’t let her find out his secrets.

When Kat loses her job, her father can no longer protect her, and she must desperately search for a way to keep from being forced into the Clan’s sex work. As their love blossoms, they must find ways to defy the Clan, explore who they truly are, and dare to trust their love against the Second Circle.