Bewitched by the Bones

Montpier’s newest mortician has dug up more than she can handle. At least, that’s what the ghosts say.

Janey Whithaven is still in mourning for the loss of her beloved husband. While he’s moved on, he’s never far from her thoughts. The challenge is, there’s a lot of thoughts that need attention right now. She’s come to term with her houseguests, as she likes to call them, but Victoria Jones seeking help from the afterlife was only the first. Now she must figure out why Kara Navarro is constantly crying, and how to make the tears stop.

If that wasn’t enough, the dreams of the mysterious older woman continue. The woman wants something, but Janey can’t figure out exactly what. And whatever it is, Janey knows that this woman is determined. Before, she would have thought it was just a bad dream. Now? She knows she has to decipher how to help this woman, and get back her nights. To complicate matters, Janey’s personal life is all over the place. Her sister is here to stay, there’s someone else moving in, and the annoying and mysterious detective is now her official tenant. What could go wrong with any of this?

Finally, it’s one thing to speak to ghosts. It’s quite another to realize there’s an entire magical world out there. Janey isn’t sure she wants to be drawn into it. With a menacing spirit, and two equally menacing spiritualists, she’s just hoping to make it to the next week.

When it comes to the Whithaven Funeral Home, the locals are just dying to get in. Hopefully funeral director Janey Whithaven won’t be next.